An Introduction.

I guess I should start this off — like most things — with an introduction. It’s kind of weird to be typing this up on my laptop, makeup free and sprawled on my couch, as if I’m addressing a room of people, but hey. There are much weirder things on the Internet. So here goes.

Hi everyone, I’m Ally. I’m 19 years old, I’m a Leo, I’m an ENFP, I like long walks in the woods and calling spontaneous trips to Target “adventures.” I write, I read, I act, I take photos, I wear clothes, I’ve been to a fair few amazing places. And I like to ignore all the advice I’ve read online that says to find a niche to blog about. What can I say — I’m niche-less.

I was once described by a boy as an “everything kind of girl,” and as John Green-esque as that sounds — it’s pretty damn true. So, this is an everything-kind-of-blog. I hope you’ll stay awhile.

I also have an active YouTube channel, called AllyRoseReads, about — you guessed it — reading. Feel free to find me there!


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